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About Cocoapod Chocolates

Brigitte Browney, Chocolatier and self-professed chocolate lover and food enthusiast, is the founder and artisan of CocoaPod Chocolates.  

Each piece is handcrafted in a true artisanal fashion - using only the highest quality ingredients and methods.  CocoaPod Chocolates is dedicated to producing chocolate confections that allow the taster to enjoy and experience only the finest chocolate and flavors.

Brigitte appeared on the Food Network's - Barefoot Contessa with Ina Garten in All About Chocolate making her show stopping Chocolate Cornucopias.  She is also featured in Ina Garten’s cookbook Foolproof and has been written about numerous times in local media/press. 

Cocoapod Chocolates

E-Mail: bbcocoapodchocolates@gmail.com

Phone: (617)875-9306


I had to write to you to say how amazing - and delicious! - your chocolate cornucopia was!!

Ina Garten – Celebrity Chef and Author

I have served the chocolates from CocoPod at many of the parties that I have hosted.  The chocolates are always the biggest hit at any party I have ever hosted!  Not only are the chocolates absolutely delicious, but they always add that special touch that makes your party really stand out from all the others.  Brigitte is able to work with any theme and come up with a unique and creative way to carry the theme through in the chocolate.  Brigitte is a true talent!!


Like I tell EVERYONE about Brigitte's chocolates " They are so creamy and light, I honestly feel like there zero calories or fat in her chocolates." I also love her creativity. The smash cake and cornucopia have been big hits for me!